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Trident trio, the latest local students to benefit from OHP

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Meet Finley, Sophie and Harry – Our Hospital Project (OHP) team’s latest work experience students. They were placed with us for two weeks, as part of the Government of Jersey’s Trident initiative. All three are in Year 10 and are studying the Design Engineer Construct! (DEC!) Level 2 course at Hautlieu School. 

As the school’s Industry Adopter for DEC!, OHP’s team members commit to visiting the Year 10 DEC! class to share their knowledge, experiences and passion for their specialism. So these students were already familiar with some of the OHP team before they started work experience with us. 

During their two weeks with OHP, they learned from our team members, whose specialisms include: Building Information Management, Quantity Surveying, Planning, Procurement, Health Safety & Well-being, Communications, Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing. They also studied for and successfully passed their Jersey Safety Awareness Test, which then allowed them to attend the five, planed site visits, including two residential developments (La Motte Street, St Helier and Troy Court, St Saviour), a corporate-commercial development at St Helier’s International Finance Centre, a retail development in St Helier’s King Street and the Overdale Hospital site, on which Jersey’s new hospital will be built (subject to planning approval). On their last day, they were given the freedom to request extra time with one of team – they chose to hear more about complex construction programmes and GANTT charts from our Senior Planner, Omar, who has over 21 years’ experience in construction planning. 

OHP have now hosted two groups of Trident work experience students (six in total), over two years – another example of our commitment to creating social value as a result of the project. Hence, we are pleased to hear that Finley, Sophie and Harry would recommend us to their peers. Here are some of their reflections from their time with us:

FINLEY: “My experience of this placement has been great. I achieved all my aims effortlessly during my time at OHP, everyone in the office was very knowledgeable. Engagement was also retained throughout the placement due to the various site visits as well as speaking to genuinely interesting people about their roles. I would definitely recommend this Trident placement to anyone interested in the construction industry, who want to know their options of possible career paths. I would also strongly recommend this placement to anyone taking the DEC! course as practically all the information we learnt was relevant to the course. In my two weeks of Trident work experience at OHP, I did a wide variety of activities. I met lots of interesting people talking about specific areas in the construction industry, giving me great insights into possible career paths. The professions of these people ranged from drainage and electricity to quantity surveying and planning. I also went on many site visits, giving me some on-hand experience of the built environment. My main aim in this placement was to gain a broader understanding of the construction industry. My secondary aim was to get help with my Design Engineer Construct course work that I do at school. OHP was the perfect place to find this help as they sponsor the course. This is also how my participation in the OHP came about, as we are designing an outpatients facility in the course.” 

SOPHIE: “The time I spent at OHP and with ROK Construction for Trident work experience was highly informative. It was filled with valuable information and practical experience. This work experience placement allowed me to gather further insight into the construction industry by participating in discussions with vital team members; completing engaging tasks to learn new skills; and gaining a new, deeper comprehension of each worker’s roles in the project. These experiences allowed me to better understand the process of design and construction, which will hopefully help in future career options. Each worker expressed their role on this and on other projects which they’ve worked on. This supplied me with a greater awareness of the whole construction industry but also the parts that each individual worker plays in it.   I was hoping to gain some insight and basic knowledge into jobs in the construction industry – including the roles they play in a project as large as this – and I achieved that. There were lots of site visits to see the process of constructing a building, which helped with visualising designs and made me realise that I would prefer to be on-site then in an office. It is key to pay attention to what each person tells you about their jobs as there are many varied jobs on the project and it can be helpful in finding what skills are necessary for each job which in turn can help you realise what job would fit you best. In all, this work experience placement was immensely helpful and informative with lots of on-site experience: I would recommend it to anyone who wants a further insight into the jobs of various workers in the construction industry and how a project comes to fruition.” 

HARRY: “Whilst I was at OHP, I was told about the different stages of the hospital project. I met different people and teams who gave me information about the big picture of the project but also the minor details that must be thought through before the building can even be started. This work placement would be useful for anyone wanting an insight into the construction industry as you work with some of the key people in the project. There are also site visits almost every day where you see how different buildings are designed and constructed for its different uses. When I applied for this placement with Trident, I was hoping to learn more about the construction industry as I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to see if it is something I want to do in the future. As I came into this placement, I was hoping to learn more about the different roles in construction and the hospital project, which I achieved. I know much more than when I started about each role. If anyone wants an insight to this industry, then this would be a perfect placement as you will learn about the different roles so you can see what you like and do not like. You can learn more about what is going on in Jersey construction-wise, how the hospital is going to be built and the planning that goes into it; and you get to meet interesting people who have worked on major projects around the world.” 

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