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Planning application now live for public view

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We are pleased to advise Islanders that Our Hospital Project's Full Planning Application, submitted on 15 November 2021, has been validated and is now live for public view. 

The full planning application is supported by comprehensive documentation which has been agreed with the Government of Jersey. 

The application submission comprises numerous drawings, documents and technical assessments appropriate to the scale and complexity of the Our Hospital Project.  

Below is a selection of the key planning documents to provide an overview of the planning application: 

Covering Letter | OHP‐TMP‐AZ‐XX‐LT‐Z‐000001 P02
The covering letter explains the application submission in more detail and outlines the documentation submitted.

Site Application Plan | OHP‐LLD‐ZZ‐ZZ‐DR‐A‐100001 P02
The plan shows the extent of the application site for which full planning permission is sought

Site Masterplan | HP‐LLD‐ZZ‐ZZ‐DR‐A‐100010 P02
The proposed masterplan shows illustratively the arrangement of new buildings and their entrances, surface and multi storey car parking and access arrangements, changes to Westmount Road and site landscaping.

Planning Statement | OHP‐TMP‐XX‐XX‐PA‐T‐000003 P01
The planning statement describes the site and surrounding context, provides an overview of the scheme, the way in which it addresses planning policy and the overall planning benefits of the scheme.

Non-Technical Summary (NTS) of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) | OHP‐ARP‐XX‐XX‐RP‐J‐01Y000 P01
The EIS is a technical document, however, an NTS provides a condensed, easy-to-read summary of the proposals, the assessment outcomes and mitigation measures that will be integrated into the delivery of the scheme

Statement of Community Participation Executive Summary (SCP) |OHP-SOU-ZZ-XX-PL-Y-000003 WS3_WS4-Statement of Community Participation-Executive Summary
The statement explains the public engagement strategy and how and where the design has responded to feedback.

You can view the planning application, drawings and supporting documents via the Government of Jersey website(Reference P/2021/1670), including:

3D Model Digital | JerseyHospital_U5.6_v1.7_211115_WebGL

BREEAM Pre-Assessment Report | OHP-ARP-ZZ-ZZ-RP-Y-000003 P04

Building Demolition Plan | OHP-DDP-MZ-ZZ-PH-Z-000001 P01

Design and Access Statement | OHP-LLD-ZZ-ZZ-RP-A-000002 P01

Photographic Survey | OHP-DDP-ZZ-ZZ-SU-Z-000001 P02

Public Art Strategy Statement | OHP-TPR-XX-XX-SY-Y-000001 P02

Statement of Community Participation | OHP-SOU-XX-XX-PA-Y-000001 P04

Statement of Community Participation Appendices | OHP-SOU-XX-XX-PA-Y-000002 P05

Sustainability Strategy | OHP-ARP-AZ-XX-RP-Y-000007 P04

Environmental Impact Statement  | Various chapters, appendices and figures