Constructing a first-class hospital for Jersey

OHP team presenting at Public Inquiry offer over 300 years' experience


Ten members of the OHP team presented proofs of evidence at the recent Public Inquiry, on behalf of the Applicant. Together, they offer over 300 years of experience in their respective areas of technical expertise including: planning, design/architecture, clinical, landscape design, ecology, heritage, transport, sustainability and construction. 

Listed below is a summary of their qualifications and experience, followed by highlights from their Summary Proof of Evidence. Their full presentations can be viewed along with all the other Public Inquiry sessions, on YouTube.

Update: Where references are made to the Bridging Island Plan (BIP) being draft or incoming, please note that the BIP was approved by States Members on 25 March 2022.

MARK FURLONGER, Senior Director - Temple Group

Representing OHP Planning, Mark has a BA (Hons) in Town Planning and Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Design and 25 years’ experience in town planning – both public and private sectors. He is a member of Royal Town Planning Institute who achieved chartership in 1998, and has advised on major planning applications for infrastructure and hospital/health care projects including the redevelopment of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, and several developments for NHS Trusts. 

Here are the highlights from Mark's Summary Proof of Evidence: 

“The need for the hospital and its proposed site allocation along with the benefits arising from it are very significant material considerations in favour of the scheme and the proposal is the best design option for the site. In applying the overall planning balance, there is Sufficient Justification for the application, as a whole, to be approved.

“There is no harm to planning policy from matters of sustainability including energy, flood risk and drainage and ground conditions. Though demolition and construction impacts of the of the scheme would temporarily change the existing situation, these impacts can be mitigated through proper controls within Demolition and Construction Environmental Management and Site Waste Management Plans.”

“The development will significantly increase the degree of publicly accessible open space, achieve Biodiversity Net Gain and maintain and improve ecology on the site… Mitigation to ensure the best possible townscape includes new landscape, accessible public realm, additional tree planting (and biodiversity net gain).”

STEPHEN FEATHERSTONE, Director - Llewelyn Davies

Representing OHP Design, Stephen trained at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, and has over 45 years’ experience in international design (across 30 countries), including the planning and design of over 30 hospital projects. Llewelyn Davies (LD) is acknowledged as one of the UK’s and the world’s leading healthcare architectural and planning practices. Considered the world’s pioneer of flexible hospital design, LD has designed and delivered over 250 hospital projects in over 80 countries. 

Here are the highlights from Stephen's Summary Proof of Evidence: 

“The evolution of the hospital has involved over 200 workshops with clinical user groups, ensuring that the proposals are wholly supported and responsive to the future healthcare needs of Jersey. The principle of the ‘patient centric’ hospital is at the heart of the Functional Brief and the success of the clinical engagement and resultant plans have ensured this has been achieved throughout the design. The hospital is specific and unique to Jersey. The design reflects best practice, and the design process has enabled the clinicians to define, agree and test what ‘best’ looks like for the new hospital.” 

“…we have recognised that the resultant scale of the hospital within its immediate and wider context, on a prominent hilltop location at Overdale, has demanded that we achieve the best planning and design solution, enhancing the natural assets of the site and creating new green and accessible public realm.”

“Working with, and enhancing, the natural assets of the site, the development promotes a salutogenic approach which by planning and design, promotes the very best in healthcare and well-being. The hospital will be a gathering place on a hill, where people come to be healed, to be cared for within a safe place. Its patients, staff and visitors will rightfully enjoy and benefit from the views afforded of Jersey, from every patient bedroom, for those enduring anxious times, revealing horizons across the Island.”

ROSE NAYLOR, Chief Nurse and Executive Director - Health & Community Services (HCS), Government of Jersey

Representing OHP Clinicians, Rose has 34 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse, working in Jersey since 2005. She is responsible for all nursing and allied health professionals Island-wide, and consequently has an in-depth knowledge of all HCS sites where care is delivered. Rose was also executive lead for HCS in the construction of Jersey’s temporary ‘Nightingale Wing’ hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic. She was involved in the development OHP’s clinician-led Functional Brief as a member of the Clinical and Operational Client Group. 

Here are the highlights from Rose's Summary Proof of Evidence: 

“The aim of this Proof of Evidence is to give assurance that all of the clinical and operational challenges we face delivering healthcare today will be eliminated when we move into our new hospital at Overdale. The internal layout has been created with significant input from our clinical teams at each stage and will continue to until fully completed. We are all excited for the future and the opportunity to work in the hospital that we have spent many hours influencing the design of. The infrastructure that will support the campus will be modern, new and most importantly energy efficient. 

“As stated, despite significant elements of urgent capital investment, the condition of the [current] hospital continues to deteriorate. Additionally, the hospital has had to contend with increasing activity driven by population change and a general increase in the expectations of islanders and the very recent pandemic. We have embedded the lessons learned as part of our design. As a result, the pressure on the [current] hospital has never been higher with aspects of poor condition and spatial organisation hampering performance. 

“I would urge you to support the progression of the planning application, so we waste no further time in building our very much needed new hospital.”

NEIL MATTINSON, Director - LDA Design

Representing OHP Landscape Design, Neil has a BA in Landscape and Diploma in Landscape Architecture. He is a member of the Landscape Institute (LI) since 1982, achieving fellowship in 2000. With over 40 years’ experience as a qualified landscape architect, covering health-care projects, major infrastructure projects, and more, Neil joint-led the master-planning and detailed design of the London 2012 Olympic Park, one of the most complex landscape projects ever delivered in the UK and Europe’s most significant landscape project for a generation 

Here are the highlights from Neil's Summary Proof of Evidence: 

“I believe that my landscape design proposals have succeeded in capturing the essence of the Jersey’s distinctive landscape and are fully integrated with the overall design approach across the Overdale Hospital site. The retention of Le Val Andre woodland and the preservation of numerous viewpoints as well as the creation of new views and the enhancement of existing footpath routes and creation of additional ones will bring significant benefits the local community. My approach and design intent to create an overwhelmingly green campus into which the various hospital buildings will sit is entirely consistent with the objective of a landscape led masterplan, agreed by all the design team, which will maintain and strengthen the landscape setting and context ensuring that the landscape remains the dominant element and therefore will not harm the landscape character.”

“Existing tree loss has been kept a minimum and largely lower grade trees have been removed. informed by a strong emphasis on retention of the existing natural assets and proposed new trees will result in a net gain of the tree estate of over 700 trees. There will be over 40% increase in hedgerows as well…”

Neil echoed the words of Bruce Labey, Senior Operations Manager – Parks & Gardens and Cleaning Services, who addressed Chris Jones, Planning Officer: “I am very happy with the overall landscape concepts, tree planting proposals and the measures taken to protect and retain important existing trees. It is refreshing to see such an important scheme in such a stunning location going forward with a landscape scheme of such exemplary high standards developed by professionals who have taken all factors into account... I feel that I have been involved with the process from the very early stages and hope to carry on being able to contribute at the detail stages if it is felt to be of use. All in all, an excellent scheme.”

RUTH KNIGHT, Associate - LDA Design

Representing OHP Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), Ruth has a BA (Hons) in Landscape Design, Diploma in Landscape Architecture and Master of Arts Degree in Planning Policy and Practice; and over 20 years’ experience as a landscape architect. She is a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (LI) 

Here is a highlight from Ruth's Summary Proof of Evidence: “I consider that, given the draft allocation under draft [Bridging Island Plan] policy C13, the proposed development retains the characteristic features of the site and its immediate context, is entirely suitable for the type of development proposed and that appropriate mitigation has been incorporated into the scheme design to ensure that incorporates high quality public realm and extensive landscape proposals in keeping with the character of the landscape and townscape in the area immediately surrounding the site. In my view the wider setting, character and appearance of St Helier will not be adversely affected.”

PETER SHEPHERD, Director - BSG Ecology

Representing OHP Ecology, Peter has a BSc (Hons) in Botany and PhD in Plant Ecology and 30 years’ experience as an ecologist. He is a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (LI).

Here are the highlights from Peter's Summary Proof of Evidence:

“I consider the assessment of the proposed development has identified the appropriate important ecological features (designated sites, habitats and species), provided an assessment of the relative value and importance of these, and identified and assessed likely impacts. It provides information on how impacts will be avoided, mitigated and compensated.

“I consider that the development will not result in significant adverse impact, and that, as such, the development is in accordance with requirements of The Wildlife (Jersey) Law 2021, The Government of Jersey Revised 2011 Island Plan and The Draft Bridging Island Plan in relation to international and national statutory designated sites and the protection of habitats and species. I also consider the proposed development to be in line with Government of Jersey’s requirements in relation to biodiversity gain.”

STEVEN BEE, Principal - Urban Counsel

Representing OHP Heritage, Steven has a BA (Hons) in Urban and Regional Planning and MRes in Interdisciplinary Urban Design. As a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute , he has over 40 years’ experience as a planner and urban designer, advising public and private sector clients on the impact of development of historic places and within historic settings. 

Here are the highlights from Steven Summary Proof of Evidence:

“The scale of the proposed development and access improvements reflects the clinical specification. 

“The development requires demolition of three heritage assets. The C13 allocation provides the exceptional circumstances required by BIP HE1. Retention would still cause harm, and its modest reduction compared with demolition cannot be justified given the effect on clinical priorities.

“The communal heritage value of the history of Westmount Hill will not be compromised by the development will be presented and interpreted in an appropriate setting.

“Considering the cumulative effects of the development on heritage assets wider setting, I consider the design as submitted to represent the best achievable to meet the needs of the hospital within the land available while keeping harm to heritage assets to an acceptable minimum.”

ALEX WELCH, Senior Planner - Arup

Representing OHP Transport, Alex has a BA (Hons) in Geography and MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering. He has 21 years’ experience in transport planning and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, achieving chartership in 2019.

Here are the highlights from Alex's Summary Proof of Evidence:

“I have worked closely with the Department of Infrastructure, Housing and Environment (IHE), Operations and Transport (O&T) Section from the outset of the highways and transportation element of the OHP design.”

“There is comprehensive agreement of transport points of detail between Arup and O&T including the acknowledgment that the mitigation proposed is in accordance with Policy C13 of the Draft Bridging Island Plan 2021.”

“I am content that on completion of the scheme that the local highway network will accommodate the forecast level of traffic generation.”

“In summary, I am satisfied that: the Transport impacts of the OHP have been fully and robustly considered in accordance with appropriate planning policies and guidance and in agreement with IHE (O&T); the OHP would result in no material worsening, and indeed some improvement, of transport impacts in comparison with 2026 future year; and the measures proposed to mitigate the transport impacts of OHP are appropriate and deliverable and in accordance with Policy C13 of the Draft Bridging Island Plan 2021”

TOM SLATER, Principal Sustainability Consultant - Arup

Representing OHP Sustainability, Tom has a BA (Hons) in Geography and MSc in Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy and 11 years’ experience as a sustainability consultant in the Built Environment sector. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment and achieved chartership in 2016.

Here are the highlights from Tom's Summary Proof of Evidence:

“…the proposed OHP development has been designed in accordance with the relevant policy guidance. The sustainability brief and strategy have been used to inform the design and in doing so drive positive outcomes for the project.

“… all buildings are targeting Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) Very Good with scores >55%, there is a commitment from the client and withing the teams to investigate these design opportunities which could add value to the scheme.

“In summary, I am satisfied that: the OHP sustainable design principles have been fully and robustly considered in accordance with appropriate planning policies and guidance and meets the required BIP policy at Overdale…” 

ALASDAIR FERNIE, Construction Director - ROK FCC JV

Representing OHP Construction, Alasdair has a  BSC(Hons) in Building Engineering and 34 years’ experience in construction – both in the UK and internationally. He is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building. 

Here is a highlight from Alasdair's Summary Proof of Evidence: “Although some temporary disruption for the local population is unavoidable for a development of this scale in an urban environment, the demands of working adjacent residential properties and the crematorium have necessitated a carefully planned method of working, using the existing international expertise. It is difficult to accurately assess detailed impacts at this stage, but these will be controlled by the subsequent agreement of the Site Waste Management Plan and Demolition & Construction Environmental Management Plan, pursuant to the outline Plans submitted with the Application. They will be applied to each of the principal phases before they commence.”

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