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Hautlieu DEC! students benefit from 40 hours of OHP school visits

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As part of our ongoing commitment to Education, Our Hospital Project (OHP) has sponsored a Design Engineer Construct! (DEC!) teacher and become the industry adopter for Hautlieu School. 

Skills Jersey’s Senior Adviser, Dave Roworth, has been delighted with how the school-industry partnership has taken shape: “We couldn’t have asked for more from the OHP team. Their willingness to engage with Simon and his classes so regularly is inspiring the highest quality of work in response. In just a short time this DEC! course has become the flag-bearer for Jersey’s curriculum offer to learners. We could not achieve that without the vision and commitment of these industry professionals, and we look forward to building on this success story even further in the months to come.”

Since starting in September 2021, Mr Simon Forestiero has been teaching and inspiring students at both Highlands College and Hautlieu School to become Jersey’s next wave of designers, engineers and construction professionals. 

To complement the course and make the learning journey even more meaningful, the OHP team and Mr Forestiero created a programme of ‘classroom interventions’ where the DEC! industry adopter commits its team members to engage with the students on curriculum topics – thereby sharing his/her years of industry knowledge and experience. 

Hautlieu’s DEC! Teacher, Simon Forestiero: “I can't commend highly enough the support our DEC! students have received from the Our Hospital Project team. As the school's DEC! 'Industry Adopter', OHP have sourced a huge variety of leading built environment specialists from both Jersey and the mainland, who have been able to offer directed, bespoke support to the Level 2 and Level 3 students throughout the year – invaluable in deepening their understanding of the work they’re doing. In addition they’ve also had opportunities for site visits and practical sessions through this industry adoption which has helped reinforce the theory and bring it to life. I am really enjoying delivering this inspirational course which, with the direct industry support it has, is a model for not only construction education, but across subjects and curricula.” 

The school report is in, and the OHP team can be proud of its 100% attendance! In the first 20 weeks of this academic year, the team contributed on average two hours a week to the DEC! course and students at Hautlieu. Through Covid restrictions and hectic work schedules, OHP team members from local and global firms have attended every scheduled classroom session, at times in-person and otherwise on-screen. That’s a total of 40 hours invested in Jersey’s young people and its future. 

So far, the Year 10 and Year 12 students have benefited from the time contributed by the following organisations, who are working on the Our Hospital Project:
- ROK FCC JV the design and delivery partner
- Arup
- Government of Jersey
- Llewelyn Davies
- Mace
- Morris Architects
- Nurture Ecology
- ROK Limited
- Soundings
- Tillyard
- TNG Consulting Engineers
- Turner Townsend

OHP’s Legacy Director, Richard de Gruchy: “I’m very proud of the OHP teams contribution to the DEC! course at Hautlieu. Our solid attendance record reflects how much the OHP team members genuinely value and enjoy contributing their time to the DEC! programme. We’re hopefully giving these youngsters a slight edge in their careers via the industry insights from subject matter specialists, who have spent years honing their craft. I would encourage any students or parents of students interested in DEC! to reach out to Mr Forestiero or Hautlieu School – it’s great way to enter the built environment industry.”

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