Constructing a first-class hospital for Jersey

Functional Brief published


A document which will shape the look and feel of Jersey’s new hospital is published today .

Known as the Functional Brief (download below), the live guide has been put together following more than 60 meetings and workshops across the entire Health and Community Service workforce, including senior clinicians and doctor and nurse representatives and will continue to evolve through regular clinical engagement.

It provides the brief for the Design and Delivery Partner, outlining healthcare professionals’ requirements, as well as the flow of the building and patient needs. Among the many proposals, there will be individual ensuite patient rooms for more than 75% of patients, a staff wellbeing centre, a total of 264 in-patient beds with a further 128 treatment beds, a world-class knowledge and training centre and it will have the flexibility to move internal walls and create emergency Nightingale-style wards.

Developed by the hospital clinical leadership and non-clinical support personnel, the Functional Brief aims to confirm optimum departmental zoning and patient flows, to maximise efficiencies and patient throughput, whilst improving the quality of care being delivered. 

Opportunities for further optimisation based on the learning from Covid-19 have been included within this brief.

As such, this brief makes an outline initial assessment of the likely accommodation required and the way in which that accommodation will be arranged. Outlining an initial assessment of what the component parts of Our Hospital will be, this Functional Brief provides a high-level statement for each clinical service on the philosophy of care delivery.

Functional Brief - Diagram: Operating Theater Flows
Functional Brief - Diagram: Operating Theater Flows

Medical Director Patrick Armstrong said: ‘The primary objective of this Functional Brief is to initialise the design process undertaken by the Delivery Partner. It will enable the design team to start the process of design and understand, at a more granular level, the specification of the clinical viewpoint of the Our Hospital built environment.’

Professor Ashok Handa, Clinical Director for the Our Hospital Project, added: ‘This Brief will inform a Functional Area Assessment, which represents a high-level estimate of the potential area required for a new hospital and is being developed by the Our Hospital Clinical Leadership Team and Clinical teams.’

Deputy Chief Minister Senator Lyndon Farnham, Chairman of the Our Hospital Political Oversight Group, said: ‘It has been essential throughout this project to work closely with our clinical and front-line healthcare staff and I want to thank them for their valuable input into this important document, which will allow our delivery partner to begin important work of designing our new hospital.’